Shenandoah Morning

Fall foliage is abound during a glorious and classic Shenandoah National Park sunrise, with the diffused sun filling orange in the hazy blue rolling hills.

Darkness covers my skin; I can feel the weight of nightfall resting on my body, I feel cloudy inside. It’s like the black of the night has a hold on my mind, playing games with my existence. My thoughts. The… Continue Reading

The Wait

The row home - depressed little girl

When I was five years old, my parents lost our house and their business. I don’t know all the details, but I do know we ended up on my aunt’s doorstep in the middle of the night. My memories of… Continue Reading

The Nightmare Still Haunts Me


Trigger Warning Sometimes, in the night, my kids come to the side of my bed with tears in their eyes. “A bad dream,” they say.   And I hug them. I know all about bad dreams. I was plagued by… Continue Reading

To The Children That Weren’t


The writer of this piece has decided to have it published anonymously.  Twice in my life, there were babies who never had a chance. Whose names I never uttered, whose faces I never got to gaze upon. I have never told… Continue Reading

The Red Rose Earing


It had been some time since we had spoken to each other. We lived in silence day in and day out. Manoeuvring around each other like an exquisite ballet orchestrated by the masters as we weaved in and out of… Continue Reading

Think Outside the Box


I’ll never forget the time in my 7th grade Shop Class when we were forced to make boxes out of wood. We had to cut the wood perfectly using saws and nail it all together with a rusty hammer. Being… Continue Reading

I Can Tell You What Its Like


I can tell you what its like   To feel alone.   To be dependent on only yourself. To feel disconnected from others, and lost in the forests of time.   A cloud falls over you, and suddenly people who… Continue Reading

The Shackles of Self-Doubt


I’m tired today. Consumed with thoughts washing a raging river of self-doubt over my already insecure disposition. I want to trumpet sounds which will tear my throat until it bleeds. Wasted in a pool of worry, only to find it… Continue Reading

12 Years Later: An Open Letter to My Rapist


TRIGGER WARNING – RAPE Mr. Ironic for Sexual Assault Awareness Month The Jerk That Destroyed Me The Guy That Raped Me My Rapist To The Guy That Changed My Life, Twelve years ago today, you possessed me, took me, and… Continue Reading

10 Days, 3, 2, 1


My children are two years and two months apart in age. My first pregnancy was a breeze. I quit working, laid around and ate myself into a 50 lb. coma. The second pregnancy was nothing like the first. The first… Continue Reading